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Laboratory Special Interest Group
General Information

The CBMTG Laboratory Special Interest Group is a networking/resource opportunity for laboratory professionals. It focuses on technical and regulatory issues. The group currently has over 40 members from across Canada and continues to grow along with CBMTG.

We are pleased to inform you that work by members of the CBMTG Laboratory Special Interest Group will be featured in an upcoming issue of Cytotherapy. The following article was accepted for publication: “Cryopreserved Mobilized Autologous Blood Progenitors Stored for More Than Two Years Successfully Support Blood Count Recovery after High Dose Chemotherapy” authored by: Giovanna, Cameron MLT; Adisak, Tantiworawit MD; Mike, Halpenny MLT; Brenda, Letcher MLT; Sue, Berrigan MLT; Karen, Hindmarsh MLT; Angeline, Giftakis BA, MLT; Johanne, Fortier MT; Pamela, O’Hoski ART; and Donna, Hogge MD, PhD. This research received funding from the CBMTG small research grants. Congratulations to the team that authored the article! 

About Us

The goals of the CBMTG Laboratory Committee are:

  • To realize the need for open communication
  • To value the work and achievements of our laboratory teams and individuals who strive to improve BMT processes
  • To provide leadership in the development and implementation of standardized practices

The Laboratory Committee communicates through quarterly teleconferences. Issues currently being discussed include the following:

  • The launch of a discussion board for laboratory members on the CBMTG website. This will increase the ability to network as a group.
  • Contribution by laboratory committee members to the content of the CBMTG website.
  • Study: Infusion of stem cell products following long term storage (> 2years), piloted by Mike Halpenny, Canadian Blood Services —Ottawa. Data points on graft quality, such as days to ANC and PLT engraftment. Data submitted from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Quebec. The goal is to compile data for a poster or presentation.
  • ISBT Labeling is a concern for all centres. Currently, an example of ISBT compliant labeling can be found in the Resources section below.

Membership List

Chair: Angela Hall, BSc, MLT

Members: Angeline Giftakis, MLT; Paul Cartlidge, BSc; Anna MacDonald; Brenda Letcher, MLT; Christie Mewdell, MLT, ART; Darla Spriel; Debby Kury, MLT; Elizabeth McDougall; Ernest Stacey; Eunice Fowler, MLT; Gail Sharpe; Susan Yeoman; Gwen Epstein; Hugo Morin, MT; Jill Wilson; Johanne Fortier; Julie Grenier; Karen Hindmarsh; Karla Anjos; Kathy Ceccarrelli; Lisa Martin, MLT, CQE, CQA, CQIA; Locksley McGann, PhD; Marie Tulloch, MLT; Mike Halpenny; Oleksandra Synova; Pamela O'Hoski, ART; Rita O'Brien Richardson; Robert Sutherland; Sonia Bizier, MT; Susan Foster, MLT; Susan Berrigan; Susie Joron; Connie Duong, BSc; Cheryl Hynes; Nazir Jamal; Diane Fournier, PhD.


The CBMTG Lab Committee is pleased to provide a variety of relevant guidelines, validations and procedures for the BMT laboratory professional. If you would like to become more involved with this group, or to learn more about the CBMTG, please contact CBMTG Head Office here.

Summary of Validation of Cryopreservation Bags

Template validation SOP for Cryopreservation Bags

Reference for ISBT 128 Label Layout

Post Processing QC

Practices for Sterility Control for HPC

Practices for Autologous Stem Cell Collection

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